Turtles and Oil Spills Workshops Held

BROWNSVILLE, TX - Experts unite to talk about sea turtles and oil spills.

Local, state, national, and even international agencies discuss the impact of the 2010 deep water horizon incident, commonly known as the BP Oil Spill. They met at the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville. 7 years after the massive oil spill, experts share their latest finds about preserving wildlife.

Oil Spill Science Outreach Specialist Christine M. Hale, “we’re really focused on understanding the drop off of Kemps Ridley populations since 2010. And what role the oil spill did or did not play in that drop off. We’re also talking about different ways we can improve management and conservation of all sea turtle species in the Gulf of Mexico.”

If you or someone you know finds a turtle stranded on the beaches, do not touch it and contact sea turtle experts.
Although well intentioned, untrained hands may accidently cause more damage to injured wildlife.

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