Social Media Reports Warn of Stalker in Downtown Brownsville


Every day hundreds cross the international bridge to and from Mexico. Oftentimes, visitors go to shops in downtown Brownsville. According to social media reports from Mexico, there is someone following women and even harassing. We met with Brownsville police to tell us what they’re doing on this case.

Public Information Office for the Brownsville Police Department Jose Trevino tell us stalking can be “somebody is harassing you or following you… It’s not targeted on a particular gender.”

In a popular social media post, over 10 people claim to be victims of a stalker in downtown Brownsville, I spoke to Brownsville Police who tell me not a single report has been filed against the alleged stalker. This does not prove whether or not the incidents took place, however if true and it continues to go unreported, there may be even more victims to come.

“Doesn’t matter where you’re from. As long as you are a victim of a crime you have that right to report it.” says Trevino.

The reasons why someone may not report a crime vary. Some misconceptions of new laws such as SB4 taking into effect in September can cause some to not report crime. That law allows law enforcement to question legal status of those detained. Police fear that crimes may not be reported from the Mexican or immigrant community due to fear of deportation. Victims of crimes are protected under this law.

Trevino claims filing a report can help investigators get started. He claims, “We can help you. We can start an investigation.”

If you or someone you know is being followed, harassed, or stalked contact authorities. After one report is filed, an investigation can begin. Otherwise, perpetrators may remain unnoticed, ready to attack another victim.

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