Music Community Reaction to Joe Lopez Upcoming Parole

MCALLEN, Texas -

Members of the Tejano community are reacting to the upcoming parole from prison of Tejano Superstar Joe Lopez.


After spending 10 years in prison, many of his fans are eager for the Tejano singer's return to the stage.


News Center 23 spoke to a local DJ who says despite the controversy, he will continue to support Lopez's music career.


Mando San Roman - Morning Show DJ says, "I'm excited about it. Certainly, you know any time something like this happens, where we get one of our great artists to come back and be back in music. It certainly builds the excitement. And we know that there's still a lot that he can still do."


The Frank Sinatra of Tejano Music. That's how fans refer to singer Joe Lopez. While the controversy over his release continues, his fans are waiting for him with open arms.


"Will it affect his performance? Not his performance. But will it affect attendance? No, I don't think it will." Says San Roman.


San Roman says there was significant evidence that was left out in Lopez's case that may exonerate him.


But regardless of his guilt or innocence, he wants the public to understand the reason behind the support.


"We don't mean to cross any lines. We don't mean to cross anybody or offend anybody. We support him because he's an amazing artist. He's a great musician."


San Roman says Joe Lopez is already working on new recordings he hopes to be producing soon.


If you need to catch up on the entire case, head on over to our website. That's

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