Missing Lawyer's Family Speaks Out

BROWNSVILLE, Texas - New details on a missing person case out of Harlingen.

Last month attorney Ernesto Gonzales disappears after filing a protective order against family members.

Some of his immediate family members speak out for the first time on camera.

A concerned family is reaching out for help finding a missing Attorney.

Ernesto Gonzales was reported missing on July 18. Prior to his disappearance, Gonzales filed a  temporary protective order against some of his immediate family members.

This morning one of the attorney’s sisters and his twin brother called for a press conference in Cameron County courtrooms.

Mary Anne Villafana says, “I love you Ernest. No matter what I love you. When you asked me to forgive you and when you asked me to let it go, I believed you were going to let it go.”

Twin Brother Rick Gonzales states, “Come back… we’re happy no matter what. We will help you. Everybody makes choices, some of them are good some of them are bad… but we will love you.”

These family members tell us that they are hopeful that their brother may be alive and well.

Initially, they say, their concerns were that a former client of his law practice may have gone out for revenge on a case outcome. Now they believe that may not be true. They claim former Willacy County District Attorney, Juan Angel Guerra, is now representing Gonzales.

“For [Guerra] to show up and say that all of a sudden, he is going to defend my brother, and he’s going to defend my sister Alice, brought enlightenment to us. That means he is alive and well.”

We reached out to the law office of Juan Angel Guerra, we were told he is not in town and will return next week. Ernesto Gonzales is still reported missing.

The family is telling us that he may not have been mentally stable. This is something Villafana suspects with her 20 years of expertise in the medical field.

“My brother needs help. I detected that a month or 2 prior to him going missing. This just proves it,” says Villafana.

The family also states they are cooperating with Harlingen Police. In the meantime we’ll continue following this case.


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