McAllen ISD getting students interested in science using 3D

Published 09/21 2016 07:53PM

Updated 09/21 2016 07:54PM

The demand continues for students trained in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.           

McAllen Independent School District is finding new ways to get students interested in those subjects.


In its effort to get more students interested in the subjects of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math, McAllen ISD is trying to bring 3D Virtual Reality classrooms to its schools.

With the help of the technology firm, zSpace, the district was able to introduce some of its students to these types of classrooms, where most of the teaching is done through a monitor with 3D images.


Student, Ryan Ramos says, "You actually get to pull out the object and you can see it in your hands, and you can feel the object pretty much. It's really interesting. It's really cool."


Other than educating the students, these 3D Virtual Reality classrooms are also amusing students, making learning more fun.


Ryan Ramos, "It was amazing. 3D models. It's really cool how the world is changing in science, and new programs so we can learn better. It's just really interesting.


By incorporating this kind of technology into the classrooms, district officials say students will be able to learn faster and perform better in school.


Daniel Galeana with McAllen ISD, "This will open up a new world to them. Instead of having to look at a two dimensional book or handout, here they're actually able to take a beating heart, and rotate it. Look through it. Look inside of it. It's very immersive. It's been shown that students who can actually do this, will retain more of the information.


McAllen ISD officials will be meeting with zSpace representatives in the near future to try and set up 3D Virtual Reality classrooms in its schools.


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