Major Technology Companies Visit McAllen ISD

MCALLEN, Texas - Technology industry leaders from across the country are visiting McAllen ISD. They are here to learn how students and the district are implementing the use of technology.

Tom Burns, Dell Networking Senior Vice President said, "I'm very impressed. In fact, one of the students was showing me their list of presentations that they've already made and the work books that they've created. I believe she was in 4th grade. I told her she has a job when she graduates."

Students are getting their hands-on technology as young as Pre-K at McAllen ISD. And some of the biggest tech companies in the world are starting to take notice.

Tom Wilburn, Aerohive Senior Vice President, "To see students in, I think grade four today, that were programming was just completely amazing to me. And then to see the students use technology to make presentations, do their homework, really how embedded technology is into their curriculum and into their lives."

Recently the school district began a partnership with Dell and Aerohive to provide some of the most advanced capabilities in technology for students.

Pat Karr, McAllen ISD IT Department, "We've gone from a solution that we've used for 18 years, that we're somewhat very comfortable with. A brand new solution that is much more robust and easier to manage and at the end of the day performs better than what we had in the past."

The district says having partnerships with internationally known companies is a win-win for both the district and students, just as much as the companies.

Pat Karr, McAllen ISD IT Department added, "It allows McAllen to have input into the direction of their products. And if we can do that, it helps them get their product out faster and it helps them build a product that is purpose-built for K-12."

Technology leaders say keeping kids connected in the classroom will help them be better prepared for what is coming in the future.

McAllen ISD was one of the first districts in the nation to provide iPads and Chromebooks for every student.

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