H-E-B Park Nearing Completion

EDINBURG, Texas - As we get closer to the start of the soccer season, hundreds of workers are getting ready to have H-E-B Park ready for the RGV FC Toros.

Bert Garcia, RGV FC Toros President said, "Our expectancy is for the end of March. Our season begins March 25th, so we're hoping to have, maybe if the schedule permits, to have the season opener here."

With less than 12 weeks till the start of the new season, H-E-B Park is quickly taking shape. In just over nine months the stadium went from a mere concept, to dirt on the ground, to a full-size venue equipped to seat 9,700 people.

Bert Garcia, "The quality of the seats, the spacing of the seats, the quality of the pitch, the video board, the concessions, the suites. I think there's a lot to offer for all ranges of people."

The construction of H-E-B park has provided jobs for more than 200 construction workers. Now, the venue is needing staff members to help run it.

Gus Garcia, Edinburg EDC Executive Director, "More jobs being created in the community. Anywhere from HR, managers, cooks, bar tenders, wait staff. Cashiers, security, ticket takers, guest services. So, I think that runs the whole gamut on the event planning."

Behind the stadium, you'll find the fiesta fairgrounds with an amphitheater for additional events and entertainment. And right next to that, three practice fields.

Bert Garcia, "This is a jewel. This, I believe will be the best for the USL league that we're in. I think it'll be the best, and it's just a jewel."

In addition to soccer games, H-E-B Park will host a variety of concerts and other high school sporting events.

H-E-B park is owned by Lone Star FCLLC. To apply for a position at H-E-B Park, email your resume to egarcia@hebparkrgv.com

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