'Day Without Immigrants' at UTRGV


Thousands of protesters across the nation took part in various "Day Without Immigrants" events from boycotting jobs to not going to school. News Center 23 spoke with some students who opted out of going to class for the day and told us why they're taking part in this protest.

"I didn't want to miss class because I never miss class, but I decided my immigrant community needed me today, and I wanted to be part of this." Said Citlali Quintanilla a Junior at UTRGV.

21-year-old Citlali Quintanilla along with other students from UTRGV decided to take part in the "Day Without Immigrants" protest.

This nationwide demonstration was organized to protest some of President Donald Trump's executive orders that will affect immigrant communities, show the importance of immigrants to the nation, and according to other students...

"More than anything the sense of unity, the sense of compassion, and that we're all humans. We're all here for a reason and everyone contributes in their own way, and it's very amazing to see that there's a lot people taking part in this. Not just in Texas, but in other states." Said UTRGV Student Nahiely Garcia.

Other than showing their support towards immigrant communities, these three members of the Minority Affairs Council at UTRGV want people to inform themselves on their rights.

Jhoanna Almazan – UTRGV Junior said, "I know many people might actually be scared, and not know what to do, but it goes back to getting informed and knowing what you can and cannot do."

A larger protest will take place nationwide on May 1.

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