Corpus Christi Evacuees Are Finding Shelter in the Rio Grande Valley

EDINBURG, Texas - Hurricane Harvey has forced thousands of Corpus Christi residents to seek shelter with family and friends outside of their hometown.

Evacuees, Abby Quiñones and Karlee Perez, found shelter in Edinburg with a relative who just moved to his current location.

"I wanted to stay with my fiancé, then my mom said the hurricane had upgraded to a category three,” said Quiñones. “So she called my aunt and they were like, you have to go. We had to buy air mattresses because we just got our valuables and left. My brother and his girlfriend just moved in, and this is only their second night in their new apartment, and we kind of just came, but they were welcoming," she added.

While many evacuees chose to travel towards the San Antonio area, Quiñones and Perez are part of the few who found shelter in the Rio Grande Valley.

"Going to San Antonio, there was a lot of traffic,” said Perez.

“One of my friends went to San Antonio and she was in traffic for five hours. We only caught traffic in Fal (falfurrias),” added Quiñones.

This is the first time Quiñones and Perez experience a hurricane situation.

"You don't know what to expect, so you're just praying and hoping for the best,” said Quiñones. “We're just happy that we're here with each other, and that we're still able to stay in contact with my aunt and everyone that stayed in Corpus," she added.

Their methods of staying in contact with friends and relatives who stayed in Corpus Christi, are texting, calling, and social media.

"Right now social media is playing a big role, with following the news and staying updated on how friends and relatives are doing. That way we kind of know what's happening right now. They're constantly updating it," said Quiñones.

One thing both evacuees want people everywhere to do right now is pray for Corpus Christi.

"Just keep Corpus in your prayers and hope for the best," said Quiñones.

Both Quiñones and Perez expect to head back to Corpus Christi with their families on Monday. 

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