Commissioners Support DACA Recipients and Oppose Border Wall In Latest Vote

On Tuesday, the Cameron County Commissioner’s Court in Texas’ most southern area along the Mexico border, drew a symbolic line in the sand. One side of the line are communities ready to defend immigrant children and young adults under the Obama Era program, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which is provides immigrants who were brought to the United State before their 16th birthday. On the other side are those calling for the program to end. 

Cameron County is a political battle ground for those following the Trump Administration’s policies and Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The county historically votes democrat and on Tuesday, Cameron County commissioners passed a resolution and urged the Trump administration to keep program in place, citing DACA is “essential to allowing the thousands of children of immigrants across Cameron County, Texas, and the United States to work, study, and reach their full potential.”

At the Commissioners Court meeting were several retired educators who taught DACA students, "I think that we make an enormous mistake when we turn away from these people and turn them away" said Joyce Hamilton while wearing a “No Border Wall” t-shirt. By her side are other former educators wearing matching shirts. Their stance on President Trump’s DACA announcement to end the program in six months and accept any new DACA applications moving forward. The removal puts an estimated 800,000 undocumented young people at risk of deportation, "they don't know any other country where are they going to get deported to they've been here their whole lives" said former Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District teacher Cristela Wise. 

The Commissioner’s Court Judge Eddie Trevino Jr. has been outspoken in his opposition to the Trump Administration, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and other top political leaders in Austin. On top of resolution in regards to DACA, the court also voiced their continued support for those protesting the proposed border wall, according to the resolution, because the wall's design would cut through thousands of acres of land “The existing border wall and fencing have caused environmental damage, including floods, erosion, degradation of public lands and facilities and destruction of critically important wildlife habitat, and threatened to harm more than 100 species in the Border region, including dozens of rare and endangered species, and these and other environmental harms would be exacerbated by construction of more border walls.”




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