Brownsville Real Estate Market Increasing

BROWNSVILLE, Texas - If you are looking to buy or sell a house, a local realtor said now is the time. 

With an average of $125,000 a home, Brownsville real estate is increasing. 

Lenny Vera, a local realtor closed two houses during the week of May 15. 

Vera said the younger generation and Mexican citizens are a big part of that growth. 

“[People are] coming from Mexico and they're buying, they’re investing their money here to get their visas,” Vera said. 

[Mexican citizens] are bringing in cash and buying, no financing,” he told News Center 23 in an interview at a house he is selling.

 “The Mexican citizens have a big part of our growth in the [Rio Grande Valley] economy they’re a big part of it,” he said. 

Vera said Brownsville has a historical low interest rate, although the interest rates have gone up. 

He said Brownsville is experiencing a boom that bigger cities in Texas, such as Dallas and Austin, experienced 10 years ago. 


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