BISD Insurance Controversy

BROWNSVILLE, Texas - Employees at the largest school district in the Valley are facing a possibility of almost a hundred-dollar insurance increase.

Some are fighting back, by protesting the insurance hike across the street from the Brownsville Independent School District main office. 

“We have a raise, it's not a raise we’re working for peanuts here and the thing is that nobody cares.  We had a previous insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield that was working with us. This insurance doesn't cover anything and everything is very expensive,” said Angie Aguilar a special education teacher who was at the rally. 

“As a former board member I know the process. They've always tried to manipulate the insight as to administration recommends this insurance company,” said Katy Presas-Garcia also present at the rally. “The insurance has deteriorated the benefits and the coverage,” she said. 

The Texas Valley Educators’ Association is calling the insurance hike unfair.

On September 12, the Brownsville Independent School District Board of Trustees will host an insurance committee meeting to review issues concerning insurance programs. 

“It's uncalled for its unjust, I believe when you give employees a pay raise we should be able to at least enjoy one day pay raise and not give it back with the other hand through the premium increases,” said Alberto Alegria, president of TVEA. 

The current premium is $276.82. the proposed premium for 2017-2018 is $365.74, it goes up almost a hundred dollars in 2019 and another hundred in 2020.  

TVEA is the force behind the protest, they prepared posters this weekend for the rally.

Attorney John Shergold represents the association and encourages employees to exercise their right to free speech.

“The rates are going up, their salaries aren't going up in comparison. It is Robinhood in reverse the insurance companies are getting richer and the workers are getting poorer,” Shergold said. 


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