Activists Say There Are More Attempts to Discriminate Against LGBTQ

Will Vote Out Lawmakers Who Don't Represent Them

"We don't elect kings and monarchs and you represent all of your community or you need to get out."

Oscar Lopez,  president of the South Texas Equality project, says the LGBTQ community has to be on alert with the bills that are being introduced during the 87th legislative session.  

"It's tiring to constantly have to defend who you are, which is how God created us."

Drag Queen activist Jose Uvalles says House Bill 3859, which was filed March 10th, allows agencies who do investigations and background checks on foster parents to deny LGBTQ couples from becoming foster parents. 

"LGBT parents or kids of LGBT parents are no different than any other kids from  normal heterosexual couples."

They say there needs to be a separation of church and state. 

Jonathan Abshier, president of The Student Equality Alliance, says the efforts the LGBTQ is making in equaliy is getting pushed back. 

 "It's just really upsetting that I have to hide who I am."

They are ready to vote out Senator Eddie Lucio, who supports SB6, or the bathroom bill. 

"Bcause at the end of the day he works for us we don't work for him and he needs to remember that."

Despite the set backs, the activists say they will continue advocating and supporting each other. 

"We just have to be ourselves now more than ever because now really is the time were not going back." 

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