2017 Spring Break Analysis Released

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, TX - The 2017 Spring Break Analysis is out. Local leaders look at the festivities known to have excessive partying, high amounts of vehicular traffic, and large-scale alcohol consumption.

Some in attendance to a recent public meeting say the numbers show results as expected but others have been calling for change in the Spring Break season.

It was a busy season for law enforcement during Spring Break out South Padre Island with an estimated beach population of about 137,000 people.

This week, the city announced an analysis of the Spring Break season.

Significant incidents this year include 3 deaths and a gunshot incident.
Police responded to a combined 762 High Level Offenses and Class C Misdemeanors. That's the exact same amount seen in 2016.

Police Chief Randy Smith says, “it seems like every year we solve a few problems and then some new ones pop up.”

Some of the new problems seen this year was the concentration of people in the northern end of the island. That is also known as a residential area.

This April, complaints from homeowners targeted the number of incidents in or near their own back yards. It was a problem so large that nearly 400 gathered to suggest local policy change for mass gatherings.
At that time, Shane Wilson representing Property Owners Who Care, said, “Texas week was a very very severe event that we had. It was a bad week. The Island residents were upset to say the least," 

Despite the POWC’s attempts to make petitions to bring change to the Spring Break season, this was not a topic addressed by the city management during this local meeting. In fact, the city’s latest figures show over 200 votes asking for no change.

News Center 23 has met with city officials, the POWC, and those leading a movement to keep Spring Break as is. The city has organized a committee to consider drafting a mass gathering ordinance.

The outcome of these gatherings will be discussed in the upcoming months. One city councilman in the committee was asking meeting attendees to not get their expectations leaning one way or another.
That likely referred to a solution that may not fully satisfy those wanting to change or keep spring break as is.

Spring Break is a big part of this community, and any change will probably happen in slow calculated steps.

Here are links to the analysis:

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